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Our Story

Welcome to Hawaiian Gatherings! Manny was born and raised in Hawaii.
Betty Jean spent many years in Hawaii.

We have been collecting for over 35 years and selling for over 15 years. We have many collections, but all related to Hawaiiana collectibles from the mid 1800's through Statehood in 1959.

We do not have collections since Statehood, only from the Sandwich Islands, Hawaiian Islands, (H.I.) and Territory of Hawaii, (T.H.)

All collections are in good to excellent mint condition! Collecting and decorating has become the most enjoyable time in our lives, and the treasures and experiences have become part of our lives. We can't begin to say, what hours of pleasure they have brought into our home to share with others.

Everything has been personally collected by Manny & Bettyjean Fernandez, from all parts of the world, and from travels across the USA, driving from one wonderful antique store to large flea markets and outdoor shows.

It has been a collection of love, beauty, and appreciation of the finer things from the bygone days of old Hawaii, and the memories of Manny growing up in the pre-war days when working meant picking up keawe beans to fill a gunny sack, and selling for 10 cents a bag. To selling leis on the pier during boat days, carrying a gas mask to school as a young boy during WWII, and observing the actual attack on Pearl Harbor the Sunday morning Dec 7, 1941, while on the way home from Sunday school.

Yes, these treasures are from memories or possessions in family homes, and memories of actual sites and things he remembers from his youth, and years of entertaining and playing music, when not in the surf learning from duke Kahanamoku and the Beachboys, how to ride the waves on his 12 ft longboard.

Our collections have given us much enjoyment and pride of culture and heritage, and we are now beginning to realize they need to find a new home, and share their beauty and use with a new collector!

Please contact us with any questions you may have. It might take a while to find it, but we probably have one of what you are looking for!

Aloha Pumehana, Manny K & Bettyjean Fernandez

We're still finding rare finds. Collectively we have over 60 years in the music and entertainment business, and event planning.

The art of collecting only means we are the caretakers of these treasures for a period of time. We will always feel they are a part of our history. This becomes a joy in our lives forever.

You are listening to Manny K. Fernandez singing "My Island Paradise".